Canary Level
Canary got trapped, the uranium mine…?
That's kind of a depressing song.
Oh? We're in town?
Why so dark? It's called night?
Oo, if this had a rating, it'd be Mature.
We think We like it?
Oh, about the katamari.
If you can manage a katamari this big
In this much time
That'd be just fine.
Canary hates the dark,
so something bright would be nice.
Bright is good, bright is the new black!
Put a shine on it, Prince, and spread the glow!

2-D Level
What the? What on?
Do We look, like, different?
Smells like 8-bit around here…
Nostalgia. Ah, nothing like the bizarro world.
Katamari is beyond dimensions.
Roll it, Prince. Don't let the octets get you down.Fantabulous!
Bravo, Prince!
But not exactly roundalicious.
Katamari a la Abbott Abbott, hmm?
And your score was X.
Good? Bad? Who knows.
Keeps life interesting,
Don't you think?
If this Bizarro Katamari ever tempts you, you can find it through
Surfside Memorial.

Glam Level
Trop d'audace, Our lovelies...
Oh! We've been glittered.
Glam… Can the Princetell if something is glam?
So easy for Us,
We're a natural, just add water and stir.
But the Prince must learn for himself.
So be brash and bold, Royal Crocodile!

Soft Level
We see...
Constant ouchies for you
On hard islands.
A kinder, jellier island is called for.
Is the Prince kind?
We are as a rule, but We make a big exception for the Prince.

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