Opening Movie
A world of mysteries both tantalizing and terrifying...
This is the Great Cosmos.
Not a very well publicized world, you understand,
but a glamorous and influential world nevertheless.
Bold yet sensitive, and rugged to boot.
Tolerant and compassionate, with a heart deeper than the oceans.
Such is the Great Cosmos, and the King that rules over it is marvelous to behold.
Except for the one time that he destroyed all the stars in the Universe.
No big deal. Like you haven't had one of those kinds of days.
Having come to and realized the folly of his ways,
this wisest of Kings sent to the planet Earth his beloved son, the Prince,
and commanded him to make a katamari of ample proportions.
Tossed unceremoniously to Earth,
the valiant Prince rolled the katamari entrusted to him by the King,
rolling up more things than you can count.
Vaulting boxes, pencils, erasers and postcards,
This girl and that boy, dads and moms,
homes, buildings, rainbows, islands, dreams and hopes...
The Prince rolls them all up, rolls and rolls,
until the katamari is big enough to be taken up to Space
to replace the shiny stars that were so grievously lost—
And that, friends, is the plot and purpose of this fabulous game called,
"Katamari Damacy"!
Its impact recognized no boundaries or borders,
and it rolled right out of the game to bundle away
the many and sundry ills that blight our modern world.
Overnight, the King found himself a superstar.
The adulation of the crowd knew no limits.
"I want to meet the King!"
"I think it should be bigger!"
"I think the King is so cool!"
"I want to roll up more stuff!"
Oh my, oh dear, it's a chorus!
They're crying out from all over the world
for the King to do his thing!

Tutorial introduction
Friends that forgot all about Katamari Damacy,
Friends playing their very first Katamari
For all friends old and new,
the Prince will roll in their place.
What's a katamari? What could katamari be?
What does it taste like? Does it have a point?
Why roll?
Why make it bigger?
So many opinions and schools of thought,
but let's just try it first, yes?
Hear ye, hear ye,
We present to all and sundry... The katamari!

Oh? You finally noticed?
Yes, We've adopted a new pose.
Strike it! With a katamari in the right hand...
Oh! A katamari!!

Yes, yes… See you tomorrow,
so true… Bye then.
No rest for the Cosmic, is there, little one?
Hm? What's this katamari??
You caught it while We were on the phone?
Seriously? By the Prince and Velvet?

Firefly Stage
We apologize...
You wanted us to brighten your life,
but the person rolling for you is a dimbulb.
This is too dark for studying.
So sorry, so very sorry.
We regret the error.

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