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The General Group - ushering in a new era with you.
The General Group - building a better future right at your side.
We're out there everyday, and with you today.

Flying off into the wild blue yonder in a magnificent fighter plane is a kind of freedom most of us can only dream of. For the ace pilot of UPEO, everyone's local hero and one of the guardians of world order, it's a way of life. Yet, this same pilot also bears the burden of a tragic fate.
Her name is Lena Hirose. She was diagnosed with Silverstone Syndrome at birth, and cannot survive exposure to sunlight. But now, thanks to cutting-edge technology developed by General Resource, she has wings to fly with...

... new science for a new era.
It is common knowledge that a General Resource research team that produced some remarkable results, especially in the area of the Electrosphere, went on to form the core of Newcom. Ever since they announced their entry into the space development arena in 2032, Newcom has been, for all intents and purposes, at a continuing state of detente with General Resource. Already, there is talk among insiders that Newcom's expertise in virtually all branches of engineering sciences, including electronics, biotech and nanotech, tops that of General Resource, leading to speculations that the age of General Resource, which for many years has dominated the market through its vast economic power, is effectively -

Early this morning, a General Group flight squadron held a military training exercise in air space over the troubled Meriton region amid continuing tensions. The maneuver is widely regarded as a hostile response to an earlier announcement by Newcom that an open demonstration is to be held in a Sand Valley bioplant. A formal protest by Special Representative Clarkson of UPEO to General Resource regarding this act of intimidation —

Newcom's technology is changing tomorrow's networks — from micro to macro.
From genetic engineering and psychophysical sublimation, to space development.
Live your dreams one step ahead of the rest with hotware that breaks yesterday's standards!
A future built on unconventional wisdom —a Newcom original.
Remember, today is a good day to rewrite your genes!

..uh-huh. Days off? Hrrm. A walk in the park (laugh) isn't really an option. Reading, watching movies, that kind of thing, I guess. Just normal stuff, really.
Well — all this, being a pilot, is already enough of a dream come true. But lately, I've been thinking — that if a human body is nothing more than a kind of a container for the mind, then it doesn't actually mean anything to me. Because I always fly with my mind. My body didn't come with wings, but my mind does, and it gave me the sky.
Sometimes all I want is to be a pair of wings, mind and all.

— oh, you're out, huh. That's all right; just one thing.
I don't know what you were thinking, but if you wanna stay a flier at UPEO, do yourself a favor and don't go up against Park Command. Anyway, like General needs UPEO to begin with if the peaceful resolution schtick of the Clarkson camp's could save the world, yeah? Either way, it's got nothing to do with us pilots.
'Kay then, see you at the next mission - oh yeah, you mind spending a little more time giving me backup this time? Don't spend all your time copying Lena and Fi's maneuvers, okay... I've got no one but you watching my back.

This is a verbal communication of your orders; transmission of a formal report will follow. All UPEO crew personnel is placed on indefinite standby as of today... in other words, things are getting pretty damn dicey out there... Fi out.


<EAPN Female MAIN>
This is the breaking news.
The ongoing tension between General Resource and Newcom has escalated into armed conflict, with fighting reported in the Faith Park area. Official announcement from Newcom states that, "This attack is purely a retaliatory measure taken against General Resource for its violational act."
Responding to the crisis, UPEO's Special Representative Clarkson held an emergency press conference just now in which he announced the immediate deployment of peacekeeping teams to the area...

At 07:56 hours today, Newcom initiated a large-scale military strike against General Resource. We the UPEO must halt these activities in order to prevent further deterioration in relations between these two companies. Should Newcom choose to ignore our warning, the use of force cannot be ruled out as an option.
Good luck to you all.

We-ll. You'd think it's world war five the way the media tell it. Looks like our little skirmish was on live too.
... By the way, did you change your flight pattern? Sweeter flying than anything you've done before. Oh yeah, business unusual, La Fi was actually saying good things about that. You keep it up the next time and I can get some rest...

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