***Morning -- Snow (Normal)***
Laura (Laura Parton) awakes in bed in a snowbound cabin. It is morning, but no light shines into the mountain dwelling. Outside, snow is falling; the walls creak in an occasional gust of wind.
Laura has been asleep for two days, and she rubs her eyes as she sits up. She looks around to discover a woman (Kimberley Hurd), one of African descent, in a chair by the fire. They are the only occupants of this cabin; it seems that Laura has been rescued by this woman.
Kimberley becomes aware of the fact that Laura has regained consciousness.

"Good morning. Thanks for deciding to join us again."

But Laura has lost her memory and can recall nothing. Kimberley seems exhausted as she continues to speak.

"It's been 10 days now. Such a terrible, terrible accident... No, you I found the day before yesterday." Kimberley adds as she leaves her chair. "You were lying there in the snow, and I brought you here. You've been asleep for two days, you know." She walks towards Laura.

"I just can't figure it out -- how on Earth did you stay alive these past eight days? Looks like you managed to eat regularly too. It was quite a ways away from the crash site that I found you ... You don't remember anything, do you?"

Laura looks down and shakes her head.

"I see... Oh, by the way, I'm Kimberley, Kimberley Hurd. We'll leave the third degree till later, okay? You must be tired. Seemed like you were having a lot of nightmares..."

The door opens, and one of the hijackers from the plane stands there.

"What the -- !" Kimberley cries. The man moves in one step at a time, obviously in pain. He is bleeding onto the floor, a bright green fluid; the expression on Laura's face hardens. As he closes in, a sudden shudder overtakes him, and his body convulses agonizingly.

"More?!" Kimberley turns to Laura. "I'm sorry -- looks like the nightmare isn't over yet."

The man's face has started mutating rapidly. As he lets out a howl, several tentacles rip their way out of his body and begin to grow.
A monster -- !
The creature opens its large, crocodile-like mouth, lined with fangs, and screams its hunger. Laura, helpless, shrinks back in terror. Kimberley holds her shotgun ready, but she is shaking. The monster shoots two more tentacles out from either sides of its gaping mouth, and their phallic tips pierce the wooden floor with a sharp crack. They race towards Kimberley, tearing out the floorboards one by one, but she stands with the cocked shotgun frozen in her hands. Laura is nearing panic: the tentacles are closing in. Kimberley has taken aim, but she is in grip of some unknown fear and cannot pull the trigger. She stands instead in a kind of paralyzed perplexity.

The monster's tentacles have finally reached Kimberley's feet. Laura watches in terror as the appendages encircle Kimberley's ankles like slithering vines, winding their way up her calves, knees, then waist in a slow stranglehold.

Kimberley is desperate but still cannot shoot; she takes aim with her shotgun again and again, but seems incapable of pulling the trigger. Laura's nerves are strained to the limit as the tentacles climb up Kimberley's quaking body, binding her torso completely until she has been immobilized.
The terrible appendages, now around Kimberley's neck, have begun throttling her; Kimberley's breathing grows ragged and painful. The tips of both tentacles, repellent and elongated, are trained in front of Kimberley's mouth, bent at its joint as if peering into her throat. Then, with hideous deliberation, the tentacle tips split and open like a fleshy blossom. The monster bellows and Kimberley, face contorted with horror, can no longer speak.

As the tentacle ends begin to slide into Kimberley's mouth, her last reserve of strength runs out and the shotgun falls from her limp hands.
Laura has discovered a rifle by the bed, and snatching it up, she takes aim...

To Battle Mode.
If even a single shot hits the monster --
(End Battle Mode)<R01D01B>

Laura fires the rifle at the monster. The shot goes home and the monster convulses wildly, spraying green blood.
Suddenly, a loud crash resounds through the cabin, and Laura swings around to the source of the noise. The creature screams and arches its body, withdrawing its tentacles; the soft appendages imprisoning Kimberley also pull away and back.

Laura looks around, puzzled, and another crash reverberates. The creature, splattering green blood and screeching, skitters around the cabin on its shortened tentacles like an insect. Laura looks on in tense uncertainty.

A black man (Parker Jackson) with a large shotgun strides in through the door. He takes aim at the monster, but it is moving too fast for him to get a fix on. A view through the scopes.

Eventually, the monster turns towards Parker and charges. Parker holds the shotgun ready -- but at the last moment, the monster hurls itself onto and across the ceiling, and escapes outside.


Parker swears; he wheels around and fires round after round out into the snow, but none of them hits the creature gliding rapidly over the snowscape: it has gotten away.

Parker throws his gun down, hurling the barrel downward as if to stab it into the floor. Laura stares at his back keenly, and Kimberley, her entire body limp, collapses onto the floor.

Turning to enter the cabin, Parker addresses them:
"You all right? I'm Parker, Parker Jackson. You two must be survivors of that crash too." Laura is relieved. Parker walks up to Kimberley.

"Are you hurt anywhere?" He reaches out to touch her. Kimberley, still seated on the floor, suddenly snatches up the shotgun lying where it had fallen.

"Don't touch me! Get out!" Parker, startled, stops and retreats away from her. He has dropped his hat in surprise; Laura, too, is taken aback . Kimberley points the shotgun straight at Parker.

He splutters, "Now hang on here one second, what do you think you're doing?"
"I suggest you get out of here quickly!" Kimberley raises the gun and takes aim.
"Hold your horses, I haven't gone bouquet yet."
"Gone -- bouquet?" Kimberley lowers the shotgun, puzzled.
"That monster just then, didn't it look like there were flowers blooming from its inside?" Parker explains with exaggerated movements of his hands. "You both saw it. And there are a bunch more like it out there."
"What exactly -- is that thing?" Kimberley asks.
"Like I know." Parker replies as he picks up his hat. "There' s some who look like they might have been crash survivors to begin with. But the monsters have already gotten to most of them, so as you can see..."
"...more monsters." Kimberley finishes. Parker puts his hat on.
"Yep. Gone bouquet. They've been turned into monsters too." He tries to approach Kimberley again, but she repulses him.
"Get out!"
"L-look, like I said -- " Parker, frustrated, looks at her beseechingly.
"I can do it..." Kimberley murmurs. "I CAN shoot him..."
"Look, unless we work together, we are not going to get out of here." Parker urges.
"I WILL shoot!" Kimberley's voice rings out. Her finger is on the trigger. Parker's eyes widen with surprise, but after a searching look at Kimberley's wild expression, he drops his gaze and nods.
"All right, I'll go."
"Now!" Kimberley jerks the barrel towards the door. Parker's face is grave.
"All right. But listen, and listen hard. You're both armed, and I'm telling you there's only one way to know whether someone's human or something else, and that's blood: they bleed green. But if you want to see blood, you've got no choice but to shoot. And you've got to do it fast, because they'll be on you in a flash. We don't know anything much yet. If it looks like a monster, can we shoot it? Or what if it looks human but bleeds green? There may be monsters that bleed red, for all we know. What're we supposed to do then? We don't know whether everything that looks like a monster always has green blood. Maybe some of them are still human inside. Maybe they can go back to the way they were again. We don't have any of the answers!"

Kimberley, struck dumb, has lowered her shotgun. Parker continues.
"All I've got to say is -- survive. Get out of this Godforsaken place alive. Don't you die, either of you." The door closes behind him as he departs.

Kimberley sits unmoving. The sound of a snowmobile outside. The engine roars, then fades into the distance. Laura seems torn.
As silence returns, Kimberley turns to Laura.

"I'm sorry. I wish... If I could..." She sinks down; tears stain the floorboards. Laura looks on in incomprehension, the expression on her face a cipher.
"Damn it!" Kimberley slams her fists down on the floor again and again in frustration.

Kimberley gazes at the flame from her fireside seat. Laura is also sitting, on the edge of her bed.

"I'm sorry about that." Kimberley says. Laura manages a small smile.
"I'm in the same boat as you, I guess. I just don't know what to do, or how to do it. Maybe that man feels the same way. Everyone who's survived is that way, they have no idea what to do... Maybe you're better off than others, not remembering anything...." Laura gazes levelly at Kimberley. Kimberley takes a deep breath and says, "By the way, do you remember anything about Jenny?"

Laura obviously does not understand. Kimberley continues.
"Jenny, the little girl I found you with? You were lying in the snow, kind of like you were trying to shield her. I brought both of you back here, but she wandered off when I wasn't looking... I know it's my fault, and I'm so sorry. She may know something about you, and she may still be around here, just hiding. You could take a look around outside, maybe. You won't be able to walk too far in this snow, and this area is surrounded by the forest and a sheer drop, but... I'll wait here -- be careful, okay?"

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