Hibernium is my personal site, and the views expressed here are neither endorsed nor shared by clients, partners, foes etc. Sudden bursts of boredom and organizational mania are responsible for much of the creation and frequent redesign of this site, and the increasing rarity of free time is responsible for the lack of updates. Disapproving visitors are asked to consider how much free time they would have after switching countries twice in the last 3 years, and doing so the hard (i.e. legal) way.

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I sent you mail. Did you get it?
Most likely. Whether I choose to respond is another matter. If you are a casual acquaintance from the past, chances are that I won't write back. Having gone to a total of 12 schools in 8 countries, I'm not at all nostalgic about old classmates. If we met briefly on some job, the same applies with the exception that I wish you well and hope your present employment is better than whichever one I knew you from.

I heard something about free Web design.
I offer pro bono design work to qualifying nonprofit organizations looking for a simple yet functional Web presence. You must be a registered NPO unaffiliated with any religious group. If you believe that we are a good match, please contact me with the name of your organization and a brief description.

What exactly do you do?
I sign non-disclosure agreements, apparently.

I saw you on TV/online video and...
If this is about New Zealand, you're on the wrong site. Please head over to Expat Exposed. It this is about health care, that's the beat of Democrats Abroad Japan.

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